Book Review for The Muse’s News August 2011 issueReviewed by Anastasia Karalekas"Song Ideas - 3000 Titles, Phrases and Hooklines to Inspire Songwriters and Lyricists" by Rick Wicker In his book "Song Ideas - 3000 Titles, Phrases and Hooklines to Inspire Songwriters and Lyricists", author Rick Wicker decided to put all the ideas he's ever jotted down into a book and share them with us because he finally realized he'll never write songs out of all these phrases himself.I have picked up quite a few "idea" books, and each and every time, I am pleasantly surprised to see that they are all very different. Like many of you, I'm sure, I have ideas and thoughts written in notebooks with loose pieces of paper sticking out everywhere, and it never ceases to amaze me how many interesting things one can come up with. I can only imagine what songs can be created out of, oh, so many prompts! So, what else can be said about this book? Other than the great introduction from the author, just knowing that these are all thoughts that Wicker jotted down over the last 40 years made me think about the different phrases at different eras.  For instance, the phrase "You know where I'll be" will take a much different path if you put yourself in the 70s, or 80s than it will if you put yourself in the present. It does create an emotional stirring, as promised. I just needed to read the first 20 ideas to get hooked; then I couldn't stop reading. This book will come in handy on many occasions in my future songwriting sessions.  You can never have too many books providing inspiration. Visit the author's website at and you can listen to full-length versions of his songs, lyrics and all. After having read his book, visited his website, listened to his music, and even browsed through some of his photographs – he’s a photographer, too! -- I have come to the conclusion that Rick Wicker is not only talented, but also a really genuinely interesting guy. And the ideas that he offers us in his book are, well, really genuinely interesting, too! A must have!” - Anastasia Karalekis

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Got writers block? Get Song Ideas from Rick Wicker! If you are suffering from the dreaded writers block, or just need some inspiration for your next batch of songs you're working on right now, check out the new workbook for songwriters from Nashville veteran singer songwriter Rick Wicker. With over 3000 titles, phrases and hooklines to fire up your creative spirit, this book should be on the shelf of any serious songwriter looking to pen commercial lyrics.Rick has been a singer-songwriter for over 40 years and during that time has had many of his songs signed to publishers, in addition to releasing 7 albums of his own work. Let Rick inspire your next hit song.  Grab your copy of this highly recommended book. ” - Simon Adams

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