Did you know?  Many successful songwriters use what is called a “HookBook” or “Ideas Book” when they begin writing their next hit song.  This generally consists of a collection of titles and song thoughts that were previously written down when inspiration struck (the 'Lightbulb On' moment).  Nashville veteran singer-songwriter Rick Wicker is offering you access to this useful ‘behind the scenes’ tool.  His books, '400 Song Ideas', '1,000 More Song Ideas,' Song Ideas - 3,000 Titles, Phrases and Hooklines’ and '4,400 Song Ideas - All 3 Books in 1' are full of great song starting ideas for you to experiment with. These books were nearly 40 years in the making.  Rick has turned to this valuable resource many times to pen songs that have been signed by major publishers and music licensing agencies.  Now you too can incorporate these royalty free song ideas into your latest works.  By purchasing a copy of any of the ‘Song Ideas’ books you are getting a headstart on the creative process.  This could be the inspiration that helps take your songs to the next level.                 

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